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Candace Bierly
Master Instructor and Studio Owner

When was the last time you walked into a fitness center, studio, or class and felt like your teacher was your best friend? 

Someone who you can trust, look up to, and motivates you to do and be better...

Pilates machine    Our clients are like family    Wunda Chair Workout
That is exactly who Candace Bierly is to so many of her decade-long clients. This culinary-student-turned-fitness-specialist unexpectedly fell in love with Pilates after the birth of her second son by simply searching for an outlet to be active, fit, and healthy. And if you ask why she’s continued to grow her knowledge, skills, and expertise for all these years, she’ll tell you:  

“I love personal training and the mystery in discovering what connects the dots in someone’s spirit, mind, and body.”

It’s pretty incredible what Candace has been able to accomplish over the 15+ years of her fitness-teaching career, from a degree in Exercise Science to her countless Fitness/Pilates certifications and extensive training. Not to mention being a Pilates instructor for over 15 years, and owning her own studio for 11 of those; her resume could go on and on. 
Top of the line wellness products
A few years ago, Candace realized that more was expected of her and her studio as her business grew rapidly. Her close relationships with clients meant that when they were looking for guidance and tools beyond her classes, they came straight to her. At that point, Candace took on more personal responsibility in creating a line of quality wellness products. By meeting her own highest standards, Candace began the development of her highly demanded wellness line. 
Wellness coaching
Candace is now ready to share her meticulously-developed products with the world-- largely in thanks to the support and dedication of her husband, who she credits as being her partner in this entire journey, along with their two handsome sons who are also very invested in the family business.
The family affair is what Candy says is her absolute favorite part of her “job”, and just one of the many, many reasons why she is so passionate about what she does. 


Catherine Nelson
Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach

Are you looking for a supportive, welcoming environment to further your fitness and wellness goals?  Are you looking for a diversely trained instructor who tailors each of her classes to what the students want to learn and gain from the class, while making the whole experience seem like fun and not “exercise”?

If you answered “yes” to either question (and we’re guessing that you did!), then you definitely need to meet Catherine! 


Here’s what you need to know

The most recent addition to the Sense of Balance family and now serving as a Pilates Instructor with a Classical Mat Certification from Peak Pilates, Catherine Anastasia Nelson formerly studied a wide range of dance techniques including Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Pointe, and Ceccetti technique, while training with former Rockette Alzine Straub at the Cuppett’s Performing Art Center from age 4 to 19. 

Catherine also received a BFA in performance with an emphasis in Grotowski-based movement and stage combat in 2006.  Catherine then began her journey to becoming a comprehensively certified Pilates Instructor in 2013, first at The Fitness Guru, a boutique gym in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY and then at the Pilates Centre LLC in Norwalk, CT before moving to the Penns Valley region of central PA in December 2016.

Now here’s what you really need to know!

Catherine’s pilates classes are so much fun!  She provides an excellent balance between teaching the technique and fundamentals of pilates, while still keeping her classes fresh, contemporary, and ever-evolving as she continues to grow and further her own training.  You can begin or continue on your own pilates journey by joining Catherine at Sense of Balance for Classical Mat classes (beginners welcome!) or Springboard/Reformer sessions.  Catherine will also be continuing on the path to a fully comprehensive pilates certification, culminating in one on one personal training.      



Briany Meyers
ATC, PTA, Pilates Instructor

Are you worth it? Are you worth an hour or two per week to connect to your body, release life's stress and spend time getting in touch with yourself to find strength and balance?

"Let Pilates be your HAPPY HOUR"

Hi, my name is Briany (like the Briony flower). Join me as I pair my expanding knowledge of Pilates with my 16 years as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Athletic Trainer to help you achieve your fitness and rehabilitation goals. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Penn State University along with an Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant and have worked in a large outpatient Physical Therapy clinic.

Over the years I have worked with post-surgical patients, injured weekend warriors, and athletes all the way up to 80-year-olds recovering from spinal fusion surgeries. Throughout my career, I was fortunate enough to work alongside both a spine specialist and many seasoned general Physical Therapists.

 As fate would have it, I met Candace after taking several private sessions and soon fell in love with what Pilates can do for the body and mind. My desire to learn to teach Pilates grew knowing that I can help people of all ages and physical abilities find their body's inner strength and greater ease of motion that in turn makes life more enjoyable. Come experience Pilates for yourself! Find a new trust in your body's abilities and feel more confident to support whatever journey you are on.

"Everyone is the architect of his own Happiness" - Joseph H. Pilates

She loves nature so when she is not working, you will find Briany spending many hours with her husband and 2 boys hiking in the woods or working the family beef farm in Spring Mills. Occasionally she is lucky enough to take time to ride her horses ( her one addiction in life), ski or to listen to great local music with family or friends.

I am beginning my Journey through Balance Body towards a Comprehensive Pilates Certification and with the guidance of Candace will build upon my past knowledge. Please come and give yourself the chance to be brighter, stand taller, feel stronger, less painful and improve performance. Because "In 10 sessions you will FEEL the difference, in 20 you will SEE the difference and in 30 you will have a WHOLE NEW BODY"...I can't wait to meet you!


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