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Elderberry Syrup - Sense of Balance Wellness LLC
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Sense of Balance Wellness

Elderberry Syrup

$ 27.95

    Our Elderberry Syrup contains 6.4 g (6400 mg) of organic elderberry fruit per serving for immune support.
    • Certified Organic Elderberries
    • Anti-Viral & Immuno-Protective
    • No fructose or glucose
    • Most effective herb to use for colds & flu
    • 4 fl oz

    Elderberry has proven to be effective against numerous strains of influenza and actually deactivates the viruses so they are unable to infect cells.  It can be taken during an active flu (optimally combined with Oregano Oil or Echinacea-Goldenseal), or used as a preventative to avoid getting sick during the flu season.

    Here’s what Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride says about Elderberries in her book, GUT AND PSYCHOLOGY SYNDROME:

    “Black elderberry is a small tree, which grows pretty much everywhere from cold to very warm climates.  In spring it bears clusters of tiny whitish flowers, which at the end of the summer turn into small juicy black berries.  Medicinal properties of this plant have been appreciated for centuries.  Its flowers, berries, leaves and bark were traditionally used for treating colds, pneumonia, flu, sore throat, hay fever, wounds, eye infections and many other ailments….Black elderberry has strong immune-stimulating properties and it is one of the most powerful anti-viral remedies known to man….You do not have to be an experienced herbalist to use this plant….From the end of summer/beginning of autumn make it your bedtime routine to take 1-2 tablespoons [for family of four] of berries out of the freezer and leave them at room temperature to defrost over night.  In the morning juice them together with pineapple, carrot or any other fruit and vegetables you planned to use.  If you do it every day or every other day throughout the cold season your family will not have any colds.”

    Dr. McBride goes on to say that for one person 1 teaspoon of the berries daily is a good dose.

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