Pilates and Wellness Brochure

Why Pilates?

Pilates is a blend of strength and flexibility training which will improve posture, reduce overall stress levels, and create long lean muscles using 500 differing controlled exercises. This wellness practice is so effective because it works multiple muscle groups through a smooth continuous motion engaging the mind and stabilizing the core.

Why Sense of Balance?

 Owner/Instructor Candace has more than 13 years experience, a Health Sciences degree, and countless pilates certifications as well as extensive training. Sense of Balance focuses on quality of movement rather than quantity, ensuring no muscle group is overworked and the body works as an efficient, holistic system for one’s daily activities. You will get one-on-one, personalized, focused guidance and an instructor who truly cares about you and your wellness journey.
By committing yourself to Sense of Balance workouts you can experience the following benefits:
  • Improved strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Tone, tighten, and build long lean muscle fibers without adding bulk. 
  • Restore posture by stabilizing and strengthening the core. 
  • Create a stronger spine and relieve back pain. 
  • Improve circulation.
  • Enhance mobility, agility and stamina. 
  • Improve body composition and mental well-being.

    Our studio maintains traditional, state-of-the-art pilates and fitness equipment. 

    Soild Balanced Body Studio Equipment  Safe and personal pilates workouts 



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