Yeast Buster
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Yeast Buster Yeast Buster Yeast Buster

Sense of Balance Wellness

Yeast Buster

$ 12.25

Proprietary Blend including:  

Pau D'Arco Bark (ethically wild harvested)- used to help kill and control Candida yeast internally.

Black Walnut Hull(ethically wild harvested)- useful in treating gastrointestinal problems, a strong killer f fungal infections, and is a great addition to a Candida killing plan.

Oregon Grape Root(ethically wild harvested)- as an antimicrobial, Oregon Grape Root, makes a great internal bacteria killer. It also increases the liver's ability to clean out as it kills foreign invaders.

Gentian Root(organic)- indicated for Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Deficient fat and protein digestion, and Candida.

Oregano Oil(Selectively imported)- Wild oregano oil has a wide range of clinical applications. It is a powerful antimicrobial agent that will destroy bacteria and parasites, kills yeast, molds, and is the most effective natural product to kill candida.

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