My Essential Oils Line

Posted on February 13 2015

Have you noticed all the momentum with Essential Oils lately?  Maybe it’s just me, but my facebook newsfeed is loaded with bloggers and preppers and granola mom’s recipes for everything from beauty products and remedies to DIY green cleaning solutions all using Essential Oils. I fall somewhere in the trio of those using them bringing more of a science mind to all of the hype.

I’ve actually been pin-hoarding all my finds to my Pinterest page in hopes of perfecting a few recipes some Sunday afternoon although… I have to keep it hush-hush or all my clients will be asking for samples of everything I make!

Personally my history with EO’s is limited to using Lavender on my first son Luke and noticing it’s calming effects on him at nighttime after his bath.  That’s about it until most recently, I’ve been bombarded with clients (and sisters) asking me how to add Essential Oils into their health and wellness practices.

This led me to take a certification class and learn from a Jedi Master in this field of Aromatherapy.  I like continuing education.  I also like science based learning and this class gave me enough to be able to help my clients from a knowledgeable place.

Last year at Christmas time, I made the mistake (I’d hoped it was a one time deal!) of making homemade salves and lotions for my clients (and sisters) as appreciation gifts using EO’s which peaked their interest for more.  They loved the healthier alternative of  chemical free body products that actually smelled good and felt amazing on their skin.

I find DIY projects totally rewarding when they turn out as expected…my local beeswax rendering was an all day project with wax everywhere in my kitchen, but the cocoa-mint lip balm I made with it was incredible smelling!

After my successes (measured by positive feedback from clients begging me for more salves and lotions!) using Essential Oils, I  began my search for higher quality oils to further my DIY science experiments.  I’ve already noticed which oils NOT to buy, so I’ll share my research with you and why I branded my own line of oils that I can trust and stand behind as products with integrity.

Since the launch of my private label Wellness Line last year in January, the source for my herbal products (in New Mexico) began distilling and making their own essential oils starting with just 15 of them.  I am beyond excited to offer these in my label!

Because my logo is on the bottle, you can be sure I’ve done my research on what is going in them and how it is manufactured.  To expand my line, I’ve also found another great source (right here in PA!) to offer more aromas until my label adds 15 more this year.

“What you basically should know, whether you are dabbling in EO’s or using them to resolve health issues, is that the therapeutic benefit of oils is only as good as their quality.”

For example, if you buy a bottle of Lemon EO, you want to be sure it has been tested for purity using batch specific testing called GC/MS.

This Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry test identifies if the oils have been synthetically adulterated and if their chemical components represent their pure plant extract with linear graphing results.

Every one of my bottles has this purity testing listed right on on the label so there is no doubt you are getting what you pay for and can expect them to work as intended for your use.


What have you used Essential Oils for?  Leave me your comments below and we’ll learn from each other!