Your Gut & Your Immunity Seminar

Posted on June 24 2017

Last Saturday's Interactive Wellness Seminar at the Sense of Balance studio was super informative about the connection we have between our digestive system and how it affects our immunity and our brain health.

Barb Cole, CRNP, a long time Pilates client and friend of Candace's for over 10 years agreed to speak as a free outreach to our local community and share her vast knowledge on the subject of our Microbiome - the ecosystem in our gut.

"The Microbiome can be inherited from your family. Many of our western culture's most common ailments like: diabetes, asthma, eczema, and heart disease can be treated or prevented by establishing balance within the GUT."

Additionally, in the last 100 years of human progress, which has been extremely quick relative to the entirety of human evolution, the changes in both farming practices and diet have caused a need for products such as Probiotics and Kombucha. In this video, Barb describes the diet of our ancestors and the foods they ate which developed a prolific and diverse Microbiome:

Pickled foods, saurkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kefir, and Kombucha are all examples of fermented foods. Fermentation is a kind of pre-digestion which allows our stomachs and intestines to digest more of the foods we eat, the bacteria and yeasts formed in such processes give us access to more vitamins and nutrients than our modern diets allow.

This crowd was attentive and note-taking - Barb certainly had a captive audience of wellness minded women!

The interactive Q & A was ongoing as Barb continued to share her wealth of knowledge about Microbiome research.


Candace shared the progression of how to begin taking Probiotics to restore gut flora and proliferate the bacteria after antibiotic usage.

Candace getting ready to introduce Joan Karp of Mount Nitanee Kombucha - our second speaker of the day.

Barb explaining the junctions in our gut are like a cobblestone street.

Speakers Candace Bierly, Joan Karp and Barb Cole


Our Studio Hospitality

Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the seminar!  We will be hosting more of these throughout the months ahead so sign up for our email newsletter.