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Posted on January 15 2014

I’m hosting my first ever women’s health event entitled, “Embracing Wellness” in less than 3 weeks.  This trio of seminars will focus on the most important asset you are in control of for a lifetime: your health.

I would like to introduce to you the speaker, Barb Jarmoska, an amazing business woman and health-wellness expert.  For 33 years, Barb owned and operated Freshlife, the largest  independent natural products supermarket in the state of Pennsylvania, located in Williamsport.  I met Barb in 1994 after an unexpected miscarriage.  I visited her store hoping for any answers I could find to help me at the time.  Through the store’s wellness coaching services, Barb made herself available to me.  I discovered that many foods can disrupt women’s hormones.  I learned that pesticides on produce and antibiotics in dairy and meats can contribute to health disorders in our lives.  As my knowledge and awareness about the connection between food and well-being increased, I began to pay attention to my own diet choices. I took charge of my health with natural remedies and medicines, using them to replace prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs for many of my ailments.

Through the years following, Barb has offered guidance through many health challenges, both for myself and my two sons.  As a new mom, I began having panic attacks and she helped to navigate the insidious nature of anxiety with natural supplements instead of the popular choice of pharma drugs.

I was determined to keep my sons from frequent rounds of antibiotics, so I began to educate myself about herbalism, and the plant extracts that could help to keep my boys’ immune systems strong.  I avoided many dreaded childhood infections.  Barb was my source to turn to; her genuine concern for me and the health of my family was her motivation.

In the past three years, I have visited 8 different specialists for a chronic pain in my right foot.  Barb came along-side me again, encouraging me to try a protocol of supplements for neuropathy pain.  The results have been remarkable.

I know after you meet Barb, your life will be enriched as she shares from her generous spirit about women’s health.  She has been a positive influence and mentor for me over 20 years.

Women helping women is at the heart of this event.  I trust that you will walk away from this seminar series both empowered and equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to make your own healthy lifestyle choices.

Keep your chins up, and I’ll see you on Groundhog Day for the first seminar!


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